Monday, April 27, 2015

Local Artist Spotlight: Jenny Lee

I'm a bit of an artist. 

Not a great one or a super diligent one ( both those facts will change ) but one nonetheless. Rather it's writing magnificently terrible erotica or doodling within the edges of a notebook, I'd like to think I'm making some progress. There are those however, who've been far more disciplined and more talented than I. As such, I like to spotlight a true creator whenever I can.

Case in point, an amazing friend of mine introduced me to Jenny Lee of Jenny Lee Productions. Why? Because I had a hankering for one of these:

It is a squid pillow or as I like to call it "squillow" ( she should totally steal that ). They come in two, four, and eight feet at twenty five, fifty and one hundred dollars respectively. You get two colors to choose from. Typically they're made of fleece though I'm told exceptions can be made. The eyes and expression are custom. Mine, er, is uh, a great example of this ( Hush Kush Krakken...They can't judge you ). Shipping and the like are calculated after it's made, which usually takes about a week or so depending on the volume of business she's having.

This isn't the only thing she does. You can check her Etsy page through the link. I've seen some of her stuff in person. There seems to be a theme with vomiting in some of her art. =shrugs= But hey, it doesn't make it not good. Besides that though, she makes some wicked Pokemon trinkets that I wish I had the money to buy right now. Also bones. Lots of skeleton stuff, also which I lack the funds to procure presently. Here's some of her other work:

I need these!




So yes, go forth my minions! Buy, buy BUY!!!=laughs maniacally= It's quality stuff. I can vouch for it 'cause I actually seen it and junk. She's a great person and extremely talented. Witness some of that creativity for yourself. Get at her on Facebook at Jenny Lee Arts or send her an email about and tell her how gorgeous her stuff is at

Oh and convince her to give me free Pokemon stuff....I'm so serious about that.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Journal By Some Guy 49

I think far too much Journ,

I do apologize for that. Especially not sharing thoughts with you and what have you. There just seem to be so many; my brain just branches from one thought to another and before you know it, I'm down deeper in the rabbit hole than I intended.

There is research to be done on the Civil War. Did you know that women dressed as men and served as soldiers? Some even kept their masculine alter egos just because men had more rights.

Can you believe it? Cross dressing soldiers, both Union and Confederate, killing each other without no one knowing? How badass is that? Did anyone know? Were they outed? Which ones were actually famous? How many got edited out of history?

That's how it starts. I just get a new piece of information and I just don't know, but I am compelled to follow up on it. Usually this is by myself Journ. I don't have anyone with me that is interested in female Civil War soldiers. I mean, I should but I don't. I get into these things alone. I adventure into knowledge and discovery on my own. Like this for instance:

Don't ask me how I got here Journ but the article is entitled How Long Before I Can 3D Print a Replacement Body for Myself? by furturist Thomas Frey. Why did it start? I got snagged by the 3D printing bug reading article after article about it. Then it was like, somebody 3D printed a skull? They can do that? Of course they can! Kidneys also. Ears too, using ink gels with living cells in them. It's like, nobody is talking about this? They should! I mean Journ, when I get sixty...I won't have to look sixty. I'll probably have swapped out all of my major organs for younger ones. Hopefully I can pay for super strength and something like a sharingan. When I think about it, wouldn't I want eyes that record everything I'm seeing just in case I die and get "rebooted" into another body? I'll pay extra, you know, if money actually exists by that time which I don't see happening.

Whew, I'm sorry Journ. You didn't get a word in edgewise there, seeing as you are an abstract representation of literary catharsis. Perhaps by that time you'll get a body and I'll introduce you to a nice girl, I mean, if you're into girls. I don't care either way.

Oh, have you heard about ectogenesis. Layman's term, artificial womb. A life coming to term outside of a human womb. Sounds like something out of The Matrix with all the tubes and what have you but I was actually introduced to the concept in James L. Halperin's The Truth Machine. Even then it seemed plausible. If you know how a womb works, theoretically, you should be able to make the perfect one, a womb that monitors itself, giving the optimum conditions for development. I mean, think of that Journ. No sickness for the mother. Perfect maintenance. You'd have a doctor that wouldn't have to contact you( honestly they should unless you're a terrible parent for an artificial womb baby )unless something went wrong which she would know because that would be her job. It would totally change prenatal care.

Why would I think of this? Because somehow I feel like being long lived would give me the option of having a child whenever it suits me. What if I'm sixty looking like I'm thirty with a wife in the same predicament? We want a baby. She says, but I'm not really keen on being in hell for nine months. I say, let's go the ectogenesis route. It'll be a little extra, since the Affordable Care Act won't cover it, but hey, whatever. Then me and my wife, who's super powered like me, start talking about what augmentations can be made during the "pregnancy". Will it be a boy or a girl? Can we just get twins and not worry about doing this twice? Can we make one twin one sex and the other the opposite? Will they have that regeneration augment? Super strength is a must but we might save that for later when the twins are old enough.

You see? These are the type of things I consider normal thinking; how do I make super powered twin babies in a plastic womb without going overboard? Like, yeah, this is a legitimate concern for me. I think about science fact that sounds like science ficition. You can 3D print a gun Journ. No lie. Google that shit. Pistols made out of plastic. They're disposable now but they won't be forever. Leave it to human beings to work on a way to kill one another easier but there you have it.

And hentai. I'm going to draw it. If not for anybody then myself.

There was no segue their Journ; I'm not apologizing for that. I'm just making an observation.

I actually had a a conversation with someone about it. I told her I wanted to make some high brow stuff, like pin-up stuff. Pieces of art that someone can fap to without shame because dammit, that fat neko girl is sexy. She's drawn proportionately. She's not just the same body with a different style of hair and eyes. No. She has personality. There are things about her form that are just hers. She doesn't look like the kitsune girl. Her breasts aren't as big. Her belly is different. Her backside is tear drop instead of basketball. Her eyes aren't as mischievous. Perhaps she's nude but still reserved. Dignified despite her exposure.

I think to myself Journ, why can't hentai be subtle huh? It's the one place you can get away with using a story in your smut. Something to off put the groadiness that comes self molestation. Tantalize the brain first then let your fingers do the talking. I can understand if doujinshi doesn't have a story because, well, you just wanna see Hinata and Naruto get it on and maybe Sakura too. But not Sasuke. That's just not believable.

But if you make your own characters...I mean yeah, people wanna fap to it but you can put some kind of story. There can be build up and situations and broken relationships and people experiencing lust and love and all that gooey stuff. I think a good balance could make hentai, dare I say it, mainstream. Because you'll be like Damn that scene was hot...but what does Hikari do now that the bet is off? Will Ryoma just go back to being her childhood friend?

Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. Perhaps Hikari likes gangbangs and he's not into that. I don't know Journ. The pieces are there though.

And squid pillows Journ....There shall be...squid pillows....

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mundane Magic; Bushes and Cat Ladies 7

The demesne of the Ogre mirrored seventeenth century France with it's rolling emerald green hillocks, vineyards and cottages dotting its pristine landscape. They were as far as his eye could see, a trick of temporal distortion, giving him the illusion that his pocket dimension was infinite.

Being unabashedly self absorbed, the Ogre had no one to attend his perfect grapes nor make homes of the cozy, hay-thatched dwellings ( with smoke coming out of their chimneys just because ). The wheat grew to a certain length but never ripened for harvest. Grass grew if it needed to. The grapes never rotted off of their vines; there were no need for serfs or even fauna, not even down to an insect. People were food and though the idea of having his food raise food for him pointlessly gave him a chuckle, it would be a terrible waste of time and magic.

Not that there was a such thing as time there unless something went awry.

Since nothing changed, it wasn't needed. He was happy that his realm was symmetrical. Stagnant. Perfect. Yes. He didn't need anyone or anything save for beauty and sustenance both of which could be found in his Chauteau de Miroir, a grand mansion in the Baroque style framed by luxurious garden and placed it what one perceived as the middle of his realm. It would not matter how many leagues they would travel to be away from it, the mansion and the courtyard in front of it would always be seen. Eventually, his prey would come to him rather they wanted to or not.

And oh what fun did he have with them! Sometimes he would shift his shape into something small like a butterfly or a blade of grass and he would watch them prattle among themselves about what to do or how to get home. Sometimes he'd eat one of the travelers on the spot, morph into them and trick his remaining prey into going to his mansion for surely that was the only way out. Chasing them was a riot as well because no matter how far they ran it would never be far enough away, that is unless the trees got involved...

How the Ogre wished they didn't. It was interesting for the first few times. Maybe he got a branch in the face or maybe a root moved a quarter of an inch to trip him up. That bit of mischief he could swallow because trees were cunning by nature. It's just when they did something outrageous like teleport a man just before his jaws could snap about him. That made him furious.

He had heard from an Englishman with an umbrella sometime back ( as if that existed ) that trees were in quantum supposition ( whatever that meant ) and so were in two or more places at once which explained why they could shift through time and space like they did. This confused the Ogre at the time and so after his long winded explanation, he attempted to "preserve" said Briton for later consumption...only to be saved by a quantum space ship ( it looked like a boat to him ) that used the same principals. Of course it was made of wood, which made absolutely no sense, and only made the Ogre more irate with the insolent creatures. It didn't matter that he technically needed them to stabilize his demesne, they should learn who was boss here. When people or creatures stumbled into his realm, they should have the decency to defer to his appetite and his pleasure. Not every being could soak up sun and poop out air and be pompous while doing so. Some creatures actually lived.

Ultimately, their efforts were usually in vain. The Ogre had a menagerie in his mansion that was proof of his success despite their meddling. He hadn't failed to notice that few of them dared to line the road to his chateau or his courtyard. They knew, the wretched things, who was lord here and they could play their games but it would be for naught.

And then, one day ( because he couldn't understand time their unless something was out of place ) he spotted a tree from his balcony that he knew he had never seen before because it would have been too hideous for him to ignore. It wasn't just misshapen but defiantly so. It shifted closer just so he could look at it.

He leaped into the air, bones snapping, flesh blurring from the French dandy he was affecting into a giant roc the color of death. His wings were large enough to blot out the sun with talons that could snatch up and elephant like a mouse. A cry of pure fury tore from his beak as he swooped down to tear it up from his roots.

In this, the Ogre should have known better but his anger had gotten the better of him. He could not pull up from his dive in time and instead of hitting a cluster of trees the other was hiding in, he slammed into turf, rolling and tearing up the earth in a tangle of wings, claws, and fury.

The trees had of course shifted out of the way enough not to be harmed. Their leaves rustled when there was no wind; that was the way they laughed he remembered. He wished he could forget.

His pride was more bruised than anything. The Ogre hated that there was suddenly a forest about him hissing in amusement, the sticky sweet smell of pine burned in his nostrils and needles nettled themselves in his wings. He screeched at them before taking to the air again, defecating as he rose only for them to be three leagues away, their branches swaying like they were in a hurricane. The ground and grass were unmarred again, not even the white splatter of feces remained but the trees didn't move any farther out as if to show him they wouldn't forget how that orange tree got the better of him.

"Damn you all!" he cried on the wind. "You'll not make a fool of me again!" If only he could turn into a dragon and burn them all down! Then they would see! His scream echoed through his realm. The grounds quaked. Clouds scattered. The forest vibrated in and out of time and space and hissed in defiance.

Trees! They were worse than cats and he had a special hatred for them. To be gobbled by one and to be tricked by the other! He knew not which humiliation burned worse.

He had given to circling in his rage. Chasing it proved pointless and perilous. Sentinel trees as tall as city spires had started appearing, popping in so fast that he had little time to spiral out their way, less he smash into their trunks. The renegade tree, looking like a stooped old woman, gnarled and gray with only oranges on half of it, made sure to stay in his line of sight all the while.

Why today? The Ogre thought. There is a today? The idea was preposterous. He looked to the sky and to his horror, there was a sun. Celestial bodies were never this close to a demesne. The notion that time had passed here made him feel the ache in his wings that he knew shouldn't be there...

He was screaming again. The beat of his wings blew the roofs off the quaint little cottages. The spire trees seemed to trumpet in response, empty winds causing their boughs to bend. He had never seen their like before nor the creatures that scampered up their trunks. They were squirrel men in horned helms and leather armor, jeering from under their and waving weapons. They banged their axes against shields. They spat and made vulgar references praising the sapling over and over again until the sky shook with the refrain.

The Ogre hoped it was this sapling he would meet at his chateau or at the very least, something he could snap. He needed something to kill in place of the tree that lured him away.


Matilda Mae was the key but Cricket didn't want to put her into the lock.

Leaving the Occam at the bus stop brought him out of their brainstorm into an actual one again. Water was overflowing into the roads. Lightning flashed in the sky and thunder roared after it. He had to hold his ascot cap in a white knuckled grip less the wind snatch it away from him. Cricket could hardly see in front of his face. The world seemed to be coming to a dark and violent end.

He splashed through puddles he was sure hadn't been there an hour ago. His Chuck Taylors were filled with rain water. He hated to go on a quest with wet socks; it was a sure sign something bad was going to happen.

Though technically ripping a hole in space time was about the worst thing that could occur so maybe his soaked socks were an omen for that.

He sighed. The knot of ice in gut wouldn't let him be false. No, no, no. This portent was for a different reason. He could feel it in his bones.

It occurred to Cricket that maybe he was going to die this time. He was planning on disobeying the Occam and not take Matilda. He was going into the bush alone-

"Slow down there boss!" It was the old black man from in front of the store. The bag lady was waddling behind him as he made his way up the street. He had on a soiled suit with a bow tie and high tops with an old book bag slung over his shoulder. "What's the rush?"

Threes. Threes. Threes! Three magic users. Wet socks. A damaged Matilda. No plan. Every part of his logic was screaming at him that something terrible was coming. They were going to come with him he was sure of it and he didn't want that with the math being what it was. "Just, uh, taking a stroll." He should have needed to yell over the storm but even twenty feet away, he heard the old magician clearly. Voice magic. African most likely. A griot if he had to guess. "Nothing interesting."

"Tch." The bag lady clucked her tongue. She wore what seemed to be a nursing uniform under a large overcoat. Her hands were full of plastic bags that were full of plastic bags. A straw hat shadowed her features and failed to contain her tangle of greasy, graying black hair. "Talking to the Occam mustn't be interesting for one who does so all the time Thad." She snorted. "Only us normal magicians think it interesing."

"Bea. At least give him a chance to piss you off before you get pissed." There was a sing-song quality to his voice. His smile was dazzling white despite the filth. "Thaddeus Freeman by the way." He offered a fingerless, gloved hand.

"Cricket." He found himself smiling and strangely, shaking his hand which wasn't something Cricket did. Skin to skin contact between magic users could be a tricky thing; he could be taking measure of his character or even searching for his dogma depending on his skill. This must have been one of his strongest spells for him to fall for it so easily. He broke off the handshake awkwardly. Thaddeus seemed satisfied with that much.

"Beatrice Hyde." She might have nodded. In the dark with all of her hair, it was hard to tell. "So, what horse's ass made this mess?"

Cricket walked and they followed. He didn't want to tell them but he hadn't much of a choice. There wasn't much to the story though he did edit out Matilda and the Yggdrasil. Even as the rain beat down on them, he heard Thaddeus make a noise in the back of his throat. Bea cursed a lot.

They went under the awning of the Park-N-Shop to keep dry. The bush to Cricket at least, seemed to have grown larger. Waves of temporal flux radiated from it like heat on asphalt. Water and rain splashed around it but neither the patch it was planted in nor itself were wet.

"We should call up a posse and put Irma Jean down for good!" Beatrice paced back and forth angrily. "Why doesn't the Occam act?"

"What would he do?" Thaddeus' eyes seemed transfixed on the portal. He was trying to hum a tune but it seemed to be jumbled in his head. He cleared his throat. "It's a living gate outside our flow of time. The Occam operates by stretching and crimping time in this plane. Showing up probably was the only thing he could do."

Cricket was impressed. Few understood how the Occam worked. Beatrice was not. She snorted. A gob of phlegm from the darkness under her hat flew to Cricket's feet.

"Piss on your master Cricket. He should've called a White Council. We all know that!" She turned her bulk towards the bush. She was short and round to Thaddeus' slim and tall. "Now look at this mess! We're to run in there and get clothing for this nut job?!" She spat again. "Empty god! These black hats should be brought to heel to prevent things like this from happening! The three of us could take her I bet."

"Nope." The Occam's words echoed in his head. How he hated that he was being proven right. Damn that Razor of his. "She's got a homunculus. Uh uh. She stole those clippers somehow. Yup. Not gonna happen. If the Occam is more powerful than we, uh, um, well, what the Hell can we really do?" He was asking himself as much as them though he knew the answer.

I should get to Matilda Mae. I should, I should, I should but I'm not. I can't. Irma Jean had upset her. The few spells she knew didn't require much concentration but she was still a novice no matter what the Occam's wild theories proclaimed. Taking her into Twilight being as green as she was seemed irresponsible even by his standards. On the other hand, with the portents he had observed, this was could be just as slapdash if not more so.

"You know we have to go Cricket." He said as if he read his thoughts. Thaddeus' sad smile was illuminated by lighting. His whiskers were wet. He ran a hand over his balding pate as if to make himself more presentable. "I wouldn't blame you for staying mind you but I had to give the Doorman one helluva song to get here. My best one too. Totally forgot it now."

Beatrice fussed with her bags, her chubby fingers roaming over them like they were folders in a file cabinet. When she found the one she wanted, she threw into the air and muttered a mathematical equation too fast for Cricket to pick up. The bag floated for a brief second, he blinked.

She was squishing her form into an old plastic chair and then went through her bags again. "We might die." She said matter-of-factly. A smaller, white plastic bag she tossed in the air this time. He tried to pay attention to it as long as he could until it landed in her hands.

It was a pipe. The marijuana she fished from her pocket. "If I'm gonna bite it, I'll be stoned thank you very much." She slid a paper bag from her wrist that was just big enough for a lighter. Thaddeus started playing a tune on his harmonica.

It was a soldier's ballad. Cricket didn't need to know the words or its name. Sad and slow. He was in the trenches. The world was going to pieces. They might not make it past the beach head. Death was a certainty for them.

The inevitability of it. That was why the Power of Three was unlucky in magic. Where three things or instances or beings converged, it was not without a reason and there was nothing to be done to stop that reason from being fulfilled. This wasn't superstition as Matilda would often tease; nothing of the sort existed in the realm of magic. He didn't need to know who Thaddeus Freeman or Beatrice Hyde were to know that they were powerful in their magics. He was only a hundred fifteen, give or take a year for time fluctuations, but considered a genius as a math wizard.

They say a candle burns brightest before it gutters out. No magician was promised to live forever. Cricket was no exception. He took a pull from the small wooden pipe, trying not to read the runes etched on the bowl with his fingers for fear of being rude. The canibus was something supernatural, whether that was because of the pipe or the nug he could not say. He felt pressure between his eyebrows as a wave of pleasure rippled through his brain. Thaddeus took it next.

"I'm Cricket of the Infinite Grass." The words came to him unbidden. The realization made him hesitate but only for a second. He felt far too giddy not to go on. "Faeries took me when I was but a child. From where I do not know. They made me drink their milk for two days as the Moon Mother decreed. On the third day, I stopped drinking the milk of the Faerie kin and drunk of the Moon. Her waning and waxing told me of my doom.

"The Faeries chased me into the Grass Sea, a place where even they fear to tread. Counting the grass made me understand; numbers are the music of the Universe. I see the notes. I rearrange them."

He heard the rain again. Every hamburger shaped splotch. It hurt head to count them. They were out of order. Manic. He stepped backed as Thaddeus stepped up.

"I'm Thaddeus Freeman." He played a happy chord on his harmonica. "And this is my harmonica, Sweetsong. Sweetsong's been in the Freeman family since, oh I don't really know, tell you the truth. Not because I don't; just are timeline so damn topsy turvy, it'd be hard to explain to a person living past to present. Needless to say, I've been traveling Ways for awhile now, trying to get Sweetsong to her owner, Rusty Freeman.

"Now Sweet says Rusty is still somewhere around one of these Ways, just waiting for Sweetsong to get back into his hands, you know? Just twiddling his thumbs all patient like waiting for the right Freeman to get back to him. No Freeman's ever tried, since the original three Freeman got lost in Twilight somewhere a long time ago. They just wanna be nice respectable magicians in Sanford with no problems. As you can see, I wasn't satisfied with that.

"Before that, we had my Quickening. Long story short, just meant they were testing me for magic on a lunar eclipse. Turns out I didn't have any but I heard if a Freeman got Sweetsong back to Rusty Freeman, he'd be one of the greatest magic men in history. So I stole it from my pappy and played the first song that Sweet gave me." He played some sad little notes. "And I've been lost ever since."

Something in the way he said that made Cricket want to no more. He himself had never known his parents and if he did, he doubted that they would leave him such a legacy.

"Guess it's my turn now." Beatrice wiggled like she was shaking herself dry. Her plastic bags swished. "I'm Beatrice Hyde. Some called me Hide with an I because I've always got something secreted away. Others call me Wormhole but not because of my magic!" She cackled, coughing out her smoke in clouds. "I was born on a farm somewhere in Kentucky if you can believe it. Seventies Sixties. Fifties. I can't tell you really after all this fractured time. I remember running away from my home after my daddy raped me. Went on the run for years 'cause of that. Eating out of dumpsters and worse. I was bumming about, doing drugs to live, living to get drugs. Somehow I got through high school strangely and even to college. Seems I had a talent for numbers. I'd run through multiplication tables for fun. Counting pi day after day. I'd solve equations even my professor's couldn't touch.

"Then I lost it all. Again. Was about to make something of myself. I wanted-I wanted us to the stars. Squares that as is, as I was at the time. But I didn't get the funding that I wanted. Started back drinking. Got depressed. Grades slipped. Started doing other stuff." She made a dismissive gesture with her hands. "You know how this goes I think. Full psychological break was the result. I was in out of the padded rooms and in the alleys not taking my meds for fear of going back to the bad old days. Either way was Hell. It didn't matter much to me.

"And then..." The rain filled the small silence at first. Then there was whispering and breathing. Beatrice's fingers started to twitch. She began to shake. "I began counting. Like you Cricket I should imagine. Numbers. They gave me order. I started-I started bagging things too. Bottles. Cans. Caps. Always counting. The sums. They grew. It was impossible to keep all of my precious things. All the beautiful sameness. They needed space to occupy. Every. Single. One of them.

"But I had bagged them all hadn't I? At some point? They were always with me, my pockets and my keepsakes, and my bags. If not on me then in my head at least; what was the difference? In any of it? Matter is always matter. Arranged differently that's all. So that's what I did. I simply rearranged the matter according to their values. A can is a can but it can also be foil. Different forms of aluminum. Easy switcheroo. It got complicated after I rearranged matter to make a Way." She laughed and there was no humor in it. "Such hubris! A sixty year old quantum physicist but a babe in the ways of magic! Imagine how much a fool I looked knitting up a hole in the universe like it was a sock. Those elves were right to get the best of me. They let me get lost for a long time." She sighed. Cricket couldn't see her face but he felt her looking around. "I suppose the pipe worked. Takes a Power of Three moment like this as you can imagine."

"So you just wanted to, um, try it out huh? Just to see if it would work?" Thaddeus laughed first and Cricket and Beatrice joined in. Was it because they were high? Cricket thought that was part of it. The magic was there though. It couldn't be denied. He could feel its warmth course through him even as he knew it was doing the same for them. They were similar creatures, travelers all who started their journey's not knowing where they would end up or why. Mistakes were made. They learned from them though and got better because of it.

Perhaps this would be the end for them. None of them lied about it. Cricket couldn't help but wonder if Beatrice or Thaddeus had their own premonitions about the battle to come. Would it matter if they shared those? Somehow he didn't thinks so.

How a wizard faced their demise was their own business ultimately. Cricket couldn't intrude on that. "I've got magic,um, for this kinda thing too." He was ashamed he couldn't say it. Cricket never claimed to be brave but somehow he felt he owed them more. "But mine won't work until it's passed the rift."

"And why is that Master Cricket?"

"Because it's a death, uh, type spell and I'm destined to die in Twilight."

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mundane Magic: Bushes and Cat Ladies 6

His gray broom mustache seemed to wiggle as Rusty attempted to brush away the cake crumbs from it. He was by all accounts dressed as groundskeeper with a navy blue jump suit with the name Rusty embroidered on his left pocket with a matching cap. If Matilda hadn't known who he was, she'd have though him just an old balding black man who was just getting off of work eating in his uniform because he was too tired to change out of it.

Yet as the crumbs fell to the table, they never reached it. Instead they were-and she was most impressed by this-pixie dust. Little tiny sparkles of star shine that chimed as they twinkled out of existence. "Helps with the cleanin'." His voice was scratchy but there was a melody to it that made it musical.

He was setting her mind's eye afire. Matilda could not figure out what he actually was with it. Only recently had Cricket started to tutor her in identifying magical beings. He called them auras. Matilda still called them power levels much to Cricket's annoyed mutterings. She had encountered Dredrom and his rotting witch servant. Their power levels were higher than Cricket's, almost as high as the Occam's.

Rusty however was clearly over nine thousand. If they were candles, he was a sun. "Don't just stand there gal," He motioned her over with a callused hand. "sit. Ya make me nervous standing there like ya got roots."

"Oh? Well, uh, yeah. I should sit at my own table?" Rusty smiled clearly amused. All straight white teeth. Warmth spread through her, causing her cheeks to flush. She found that, yes, she could sit down now though why she couldn't in the first place was unknown to her.

"That's a mean lemon cake you make there gal. Ummm umm! Put ya whole foot in it jus' like Hilda I swear."


"Oh I'm sorry. That'd be ya great great grandmother Hilda Willow." He sighed at the memory while patting his paunch. "Back when I was workin' for her, when all this here, " Rusty motioned with his hands. "was just woods, she'd pay us in food, us working folk. And naw, I ain't jus' talkin' 'bout negroes." Matilda must have made a face. Rusty laughed at her discomfort. "Come on now gal! This jus' how I talk! Don't think too much of it.

"Now it was strange for Hilda to be out there on her own land anyway being an Irish woman and all and damn stranger still to be clearing down a forest with just some old sharecroppers. Not even four of us. No ma'am." He leveled a finger at her. "But Hilda did it. Had to. Even the forest creatures helped."

"The forest creatures?" Matilda asked as Rusty nodded. JoJo had since hopped into his lap, curled into a ball, practically sleep. "Like, what, they just chopped down their homes? For a farm?" He smiled again. JoJo whimpered. She had the distinct impression she was being lead on. "Why would they do that?"

"Well why would an Irish woman fresh off the boat make her way down to Florida you reckon? Answer: the same reason. It ain't a strange thing them white folk lef' her alone out here. Didn't nobody go this far back into these woods. Even the Mayaca and Jororo stayed clear. I know it because their spirits tell me so.

"Things used to happen out here. People disappearing, then coming back wit' there minds broken. Gatherings. Sacrifices. Whole lotta foulness and foolishness. The vampires didn't want it. The people didn't want it. The animals didn't want it. And there weren't no wizards around to know what to do about it-"

"Until she came..." Matilda started to fit some of the pieces together. Hilda had been a magician of some sorts from Ireland. She came to Osteen probably before it was called that to make a farm? No. To battle magical creatures? She could have done that in Ireland she thought. It had to be something-"What?" Rusty was chuckling softly. Jojo stirred a bit on his lap.

"Lawd ha' mercy ya chew ya lip when ya thinkin' jus' like her." He laughed a little more at his observation. "A cuttin' from the same stalk. But yeah gal, she was a wizard. We was a lil spooked by it at first, tell ya no lie but she done right by us and the animals. Br'er Hare took a special liking to her truth be told. By the time we found what she had really came for, we knew that what we did was worth it."

They both stood at the same time she observed, as if they both knew that it was time for her to see this thing that somehow she had missed despite basically being raised here. She had been in the woods once or twice with her cousins when they called themselves hunting. Tracked a deer that they had saw on accident the first time. The second was really just them daring each other to go deeper into the wood. Matilda of course won.

Her Gran also caught them and beat them with a switch. Matilda never forgot the look of sheer terror on her face and what she said.

Don't you ever go in them woods again. Them trees only like their own. 

She heard Jojo's feet click across the linoleum knowing that he was going for the door. Matilda followed Rusty's bowlegged gait.

"Umph. Well I guess I wouldn't be much of a genius loci if I didn't do something about this rain." Rusty had his hands on his hips clucking his tongue. She was wondering why Jojo was walking with them. He hated the rain.

Matilda felt something shift. As if Rusty had did something so slight, she might have missed it if she hadn't paid attention. The rain stopped. Completely. It was like he turned off a faucet. There was no thunder, though she did not fail to notice that lightning still spiderwebbed the sky. "It ain't strikin' here so I ain't much worried 'bout it." His gray eyes scanned above him. "It's a bad temporal storm though. Yes ma'am. Gonna be some wild mess about if we don't get goin'"

"You're a what now?" He had already ambled down the porch steps with Jojo in tow. Then he was on was halfway past her garden-though Matilda did not see him between the steps and the worn path. It was like he was a movie skipping a scene instead of fast forwarding...

Only she was right next to him and she had just opened her screen door. Matilda hadn't taken a step..."Now gal, I'd be happy to elaborate on what I am and how I got this way but the world is tearin' apart just a lil so we gon' have to save that for later." He nodded down the path. "Walk wit' me like Jojo doin' and we'll get to where we goin' quicker. You seen how it works. I know 'cause I let ya."

"Can I ask questions?"

"Better not to. Skippin' through time and space within a designated area will do things to your personal time."

He started walking again. There was light Matilda had noticed so she could see but her lights weren't on. Jojo was crouched over pooping one second, which made Rusty shoot him a dirty look.

Then Matilda barely missed a branch. The ground was still wet but there was no moisture on the leaves nor bark. She should have heard frogs singing and crickets chirruping but the wood was strangely quiet. It felt like she was being watched.

"You are." Rusty called back. "This where my influence and this Gate gets tangled." He had an old gas lantern in hand now. Where he got it from was anyone's guess. "Them trees know me and Jojo a little but they don't nothin' 'bout you and you feel like one of 'em. That must have 'em spooked a lil I reckon."

And she felt them too watching her. They were like tendrils of consciousness more than eyes she imagined. Not like the faeries incessant nattering. It was detached, logical, infinitely patient. They had all the time in the world only because time moved so slow for them. This made her somewhat more reverent to her surroundings. She looked at the birch and oak and even pine and yet other trees she had no name for. The light played off of their trunks eerily making them look as if they had their own glow.

She looked back for a path and was not surprised that she didn't find one. "Come on gal. Just a little further." Matilda heard Jojo say something to which Rusty replied. "You better not piss on them trees. Ain't nobody territory here."

Rusty's light swung ponderously as he walked ahead. Matilda didn't fail to notice that he wasn't skipping-it was the only term she had for it-like he was on the farm. Rusty was agile enough in the dark, not making so much as sound across the leaf litter and detritus but he paused and not because he was waiting for her. She could hear him wheezing.

"I ain't never been to this place man." Jojo sounded so tiny. "It's too big here and it smells-" He yipped, growled. "-like it smells too much. My nose confused as Hell ese."

"It's the Gate, Jojo. 'Member what I told you?" Matilda was right behind the groundskeeper now. He held the lantern as he cast his eyes about. "A this is a Gate to Twilight. The rules are different there, here. Your nose ain't no good this close to one. Hell, neither am I really." He turned to Matilda. "Hilda was the only one who could take us there."

Before she could respond, she felt the weight of Witchfinger pull her left side down, crunching leaves beneath it. Matilda would have fell on her backside if she hadn't propped herself up with it. Yet again, she had not thought to summon it. Perhaps it was just like Cricket said. Witchfinger might know what to do even when she didn't. Hopefully, it wouldn't happen so much when she actually got some experience. For now, she hoped it would do something. Both Rusty and Jojo were looking at her. "What now?"

"Can I pee on that?" Jojo asked.

"Mebbe you should." Rusty said thoughtfully. "Might be of help sometime soon."

"Seriously?" Matilda asked. Rusty shrugged. She already heard Jojo doing his business on it. She felt a shrill go through the bat-shaped wand. The shiver made her fidget in place. "The fuck was that?!"

"Magic." Rusty said flatly. "Think you can find your way there now?"

"I can! I can!" Jojo was jumping about, stirring up leaves. "I got this!" He bounded back where they came from, jumping over a rotting log before yipping again. "Come on! Whatchu waitin' for?"

Matilda decided to forgo the question of isn't that the  way we came from? as she was quite sure the trees around her had swallowed the trail. They say the dark plays tricks on your eyes but no; they had walked this far in and she almost got slapped in the face with a branch. That clearing they went through had closed up.

Rusty stayed closed to her. The light swung back and forth with his gait. In the shadows, she thought, was when they moved. Each time he brought the gas lantern to a stand still, the scenery had changed slightly.

Were they being herded? She didn't want to ask that now. Jojo was barking and calling for them to catch up. The sweet, sickly smell of rot was in her nose. Matilda looked up through the canopy. There were stars there she did not recognize. There was no sound save for them traversing the forest floor. Not even wind sighed in the trees.

Jojo didn't seem to feel any danger. Every time Matilda caught sight of him, his tail  was wagging like he could lift off. He would hop around in circles urging them to haste.

It could have been thirty minutes or hour, perhaps more of trekking before Jojo yelled that he found it. They had gone in circles and doubled back and yet they hadn't accidentally crossed it she was sure.

They scrambled down an outcropping of rocks, another landmark they had not crossed, covered in moss and flowers. Rusty didn't have his lantern for they did not need it; indeed as Rusty had said, it was twilight. Right before dusk it seemed but not quite giving her just enough sunlight to see. She heard birdsong. Squirrels capered up the nearby trees mostly because Jojo was barking at them.

Rusty didn't have to indicate the Gate in question. It was made of gray-white stone slabs stacked on top of each other. The stones were not quarried, retaining their original shape but they interlocked effectively enough not to topple over. It had two posts upon which two stone gargoyles perched, one being broken in half. It was not an impressive gate either; with the gargoyle included, it only came barely to her waist. It wasn't very wide either, perhaps being thirty feet in length. The Gate wasn't connected to anything; it looked honestly to her half built. That was not what awed her.

When she looked through the Gate, the view always changed though the time did not. There was forest and snow one second then the forest was part of an oasis, then there was an asphalt road and trees. Always at sundown. One time, a boy with an afro and a green hoody she swore caught sight of her, shaking his head with a bushy-browed scowl before blinking out of existence.

She crept to the other side of the Gate and the same thing happened. Matilda knew Rusty was on the other side of it but she couldn't see him. "Don't go through there now." Rusty said. He had found a large relatively smooth rock to sit on. "That might be the Gate but you don't know how to make a Way yet. Might get yaself lost in some alternate dimension if'n ya ain't careful."

"Christ on cracker." Matilda ran her fingers through her red hair before chewing on her thumb. "I'm supposed to guard this thing."



"Kinda hard to swallow."

"I just saw myself point at myself." She gulped. It was a blink but she was dressed in flowing green robes, her fingers curved about a staff with a hunk of jagged amber at its end. Her face was twisted in rage. "Holy shit Rusty. Why does this feel like-"

"Feels like you've tried to avoid it?"

"Yes." Her heart was hammering in her chest. It was like she had been running but her feet weren't moving. "Of course I would. This is the Gate. The fucking Gate Rusty!"

"What's wrong?" Jojo was walking circles around her. "You alright?"

"I don't know. I don't know." Matilda really didn't know. She was leaning on Witchfinger one minute-

-then she was standing with the Pine Witch the next. She was just like she had remembered, a small, gnarled, hunched old woman swaddled in rags. Her shopping cart rattled with cans and various other trinkets stuffed in trash bags that threatened to overflow. The Crone's face was in shadow underneath her shawl, her hooked nose sticking out like a claw, the one wart prominent on its end. "About time Groundskeeper." Her voice sounded as dry as bleached, cracked bone. "I was beginning to get impatient."

Rusty guffawed, slapping his thigh as he pulled from a pipe. "Bein' that you a quantum anomaly, I'ma gon' 'head and count that as humor." The Pine Witch made a gesture like she could shoo him off which made him laugh harder.

"Though annoying, I must say you are one of the more tolerable minor gods that I have to deal with." She turn her body towards Matilda with a rickety shuffle. "And you my dear are one of the more obedient wood users. You always come back here no matter what the cost. Most aren't brave enough to pay it." She stretched a bony arm covered in rings and beaded jewelry. "This will be your Gate Matilda Mae. Count yourself lucky. You have had others in less pleasant places I can assure."

"What do you mean 'my Gate'?" Rusty was still laughing somewhat. As always, the Crone was without humor or patience. JoJo must have sensed Matilda Mae's unease as he yipped at the Pine Witch before being cowed with a glance.

"What do you mean 'what do I mean'?" She spat. "This is your Gate dear. This is where you will deal with those things that would threaten your home dimension." The Crone snorted. "I swear, we can never get past the part where you ask pointless questions. Every time I see you, this curiosity is with you. I would wonder when you'll be rid of it only that there is no specific 'when' for our kind." She nodded "At least this part is happening on schedule."

Witchfinger was now rooted in the ground or at least part of it was before it snapped off. The bat itself was repaired, winding and threading new wood to remake it's shape. The part that was in the ground grew from sapling to adulthood in seconds. It's new roots split the ground by Matilda's feet. When it was finished, it's branches were heavy with oranges. "Fittin'." Rusty said after a puff.

"Remember this child." The Crone pointed at the new tree. "Oranges. That fruit is important to you now. Also, get your little beast to urinate on it as well. That's the first of the magic he's going to have to get."

"I'm gonna get some magic?!" Jojo was bouncing around and barking in delight. "'Bout time man."

"It'll be hard won." The Pine Witch seemed to suck the joy right of the chihuahua. He was shaking and not in a good way. She turned to Matilda. "Take your familiar with you and do not use the Cat Lady's Way to go nor return. If your master thinks to do differently, let him but that has nothing to do with you. He may throw his life away as he pleases." She began to push her buggy towards the gate. "Remember!" She called without looking back. "Oranges! Your familiar! The Gate! Use these and you may yet survive that narcissus!"

Matilda thought that she might see the old witch pass through the gate but the moment she blinked, she was gone.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Journal By Some Guy 48

Hello Journ,

So, I have a lot of things on my mind as of late. In fact allow me to just lay back on this couch here. Oh, sorry about the leather. Let me take my shoes off, wiggle my toes a bit-ah there we go. I like how it squeaks. Imported? Yes it must be.

I would not say that I've been stressed, well not stressed anymore than usual. I seem to be busy as of late, pursuing this goal and that. Procrastinating on some things only by prioritizing others. Is that what growing up is? Or is that just being disciplined? Could I have learned these things years ago?

Journ-Oh I'm sorry-Doctor Journ with all your fancy degrees, I'm learning more about myself. My development and lack thereof. It frightens me really. To realize that these things that I have examined in others I see in myself. Sometimes I think my lack of a father figure has made me unable to keep a relationship. Perhaps I just don't know the paradigm necessary in order to sustain one. I think on it often Doctor on rather or I am able to have that family. Do I want a son? Of course. A wife definitely. A home and maybe a legacy.

But I am alone Doctor. I always have been.

Does that bother me? Of course not. Let me be crass in my honesty, fuck the world. This horrible chaos that we pass for civilization. Humans are animals good Doctor and society but the cage we are put in. Therefore, it really makes no difference rather or not I socialize does it? Because it's all excrement isn't it? We're all just looking for a reason to kill each other in some way. We break and wonder why things aren't built and I am no different.

This wall is of my own making. My wall within these walls because I know we all have them.

We're on a tangent though. Me as a family is laughable. Yes I understand that. I'm far too nomadic. I drift. I wander. And what of it? So anybody can have a maybe baby and take a crack at it but I should think about it? Why yes, I should but would I be so terrible? Am I not terrible for asking if I would be?

Fancy degrees Doctor Journ do not give you license to judge.

I'm learning also to be kinetic. To keep doing things. Routines and what have you. Time management. Ah! See? Made you smile. Took your advice and stopped loafing about. I can't just hesitate anymore because that leads to procrastination. It's hard but I'm learning. I mean really all I have is time.

And I've got to finish stories. And drawing.

There's a Russian saying doctor about chasing two rabbits and catching neither instead of going after one. Sometimes I'm discouraged about the drawing part. I don't know where to start and it makes me hesitate.

Then other times I just say fuck it and draw whatever and have fun with it. I don't know Doc. Taking things seriously just doesn't work for sometimes. It's unneeded pressure. You know what? I am going to draw some of the best hentai ever.

Don't sigh like that Doctor. I need you here with me, OK? You wanted a break through well here we go. I wanna draw porn one day, classy porn. Why? Don't even ask because you know why. We've had this conversation. My bank statements is proof of that.

Long winded but the point is, when I really want to do something, I usually just do it because it's fun. Will it be fun to draw cat girls doing things? By that thoughtful nod, I know your answer ergo if such a thing motivates me to get a skill then how bad can that be really? I want both rabbits. I want to write and draw, not just naughty things, but mainstream things as well. Porn is just opening the door.

To me, this sort opens up avenues for future growth. If I really want to do something, I do it. I really want to make Studio Magi one day. I really want a family. I really want what I want and when the time is right, I'll get it. No rushing Doctor. Patience.

The game is coming along fine of course. The Clone is being the proverbial hermit with it. I contributed to new ideas to it in order to fill some holes here and there. I'm being helpful on it and really that's what is important. The dragon conversation began to straighten a few things out world building wise. I'm taking notes on that. I will finish that Cricket story! The Ogre will be great Doctor and there is Rusty to consider. Something about werewolves has got me scratching ideas. Then there is Doombringer. Sort of Doctor Who...Doctor. Heh. I couldn't resist. It's something along the lines of Mary Poppins slash Tim Burton something. Her being black might be a hard sell but she's got a British accent but it's not very posh and-

Oh what? Time's up? How can that be?

Well I'll guess we'll do this again Doctor. I'm talking and that's what's important right? Besides you're getting paid and I'm getting introspective and isn't that what we all want?

And how about that receptionist huh? Oh...that's your daughter?...

Well, better hit the old dusty trail....

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quickies: Interlude

Masturbating relieved stress for her. It always had.

She had just barely missed Tire, Lube and Battery closing at Wally's World. The smiling bespectacled cartoon version of Wally Worth on the sign seemed to mock her. Not fast enough but please remember the rest of the store is open twenty four hours! The older Hispanic gentleman had been sincere when he said they were already servicing three cars. She saw the vehicles and also that there was only one other technician besides himself handling them. Though it rankled her, she didn't see the point of making a big deal about it.

He'd be annoyed that the Corolla didn't have it's oil changed but he'd be furious if she was late, which was why she was in the car masturbating to make sure that she was.

It wasn't going to be so late that his meeting with Hiroshi would be messed up. Tabitha knew that was important for many reasons both sexual and business. She had been looking forward to it ever since Rodney had the prototype working. It would just be enough for her to relieve some stress and in turn for him whom she knew was going to punish her.

And he would she thought. As sure as the sun rose he would.

The Corolla was Rodney's car. It wasn't suited to her long legs or frame. A quick jill off was easier in her Cherokee. Tabitha had to struggle a bit to spread her legs like she wanted to. She dared not adjust the seat for fear of Rodney's suspicions.

Try as she might though, she couldn't get comfortable. Her knees were practically around the wheel as it was. She could still try. Pull up her skirt. Bare with it. Tabitha hadn't plan on taking her stockings off anyway. The pressure of her clit against the fabric had been torture all day. Rodney had insisted though. They were already wet.

"But I'm not relaxed enough to play." She said aloud. Tabitha looked in the mirror and adjusted her glasses. Her mini-fro was immaculate as ever with it's blond ends. Make up just so. Not too much. Her lips and eyes were big enough as they were. Just a little eye shadow. Rouge if she was feeling daring. Just your average grade school teacher in business attire.

"I need it though." She was playing with her left nipple ring. Another thing Rodney had to have. She had argued at first. Wasn't the tongue and clit enough? No. She'd like it. It would hurt but it was best. Trust me he said. Didn't you with the clit piercing he asked as flicked it back and forth.

She was getting out of the car. Tabitha didn't know why masturbating in public seemed like a rational idea at the time. Perhaps Rodney edging her for three days made her loopy.

It was thirty minutes after the shop closed down. No one ever parked on this side even when it was open. The sky was already starting to dim under an overcast sky. There were storage containers around. Even some trees. It wouldn't be to hard to explain why she was there. Besides, she wasn't going to cum. Couldn't.

Your orgasm is mine. His words bounced around in her head as she walked across the asphalt. The meeting with Hiroshi is where he promised her she could cum. Even as she went about the trees, scanning for a place, it made her giddy to think about it. Edging sessions usually lasted a day at most. Three was unheard of.

Why was she risking it? She was so close. All she had to do was go home. Tabitha didn't have to be a brat. She wanted the discipline. He wanted her to slap her just a little. Choke her with just the right restraint when he wanted something. To gag on him just because he could make her...

No. She should just go home. Dumb Tabitha. She was climbing back up the small incline back\past the trees. The sky was less gold and more indigo. There was still time for her to be early which for Rodney was on time.

Then a beat up Jeep pulled in front of the cluster of trees with a screech of abused breaks. The surprise almost made Tabitha trip.

The engine died. The lights as well. The screaming that passed for music was turned down. She was sure that she was spotted but the people inside went on talking as if they hadn't.

She recognized Silver immediately though she had never really seen him; his prematurely graying hair made that evident. All that she knew of him outside of that had come from Rodney and Hiroshi's talks. Rodney was indifferent to him. Hiroshi hated the ground he walked upon. Tabitha had never asked about their history with him because, well, she was married to Rodney. There wasn't any other man for her.

If she walked on the incline around the containers, Tabitha could manage to get to her car. Didn't make sense to be skulking. She hadn't even done anything yet...

Then the chubby Latina got out of the front seat after the Asian girl said something to her.

Her eyes told Tabitha what had transpired. She avoided eye contact with Silver and the chunky Asian girl. The Asian girl's voice carried even when she was whispering. You couldn't hear the red head Latina and Silver's shock was only apparent by how nervous he acted. Tabitha's hand went down between her thighs.

The Asian girl straddled the middle console. Directing? Tabitha knew she was. She couldn't see everything but she saw most of it. The Latina could only be doing one thing with her face down in Silver's lap. She was in the shadows, watching, trying to control the heat that was spreading across her. Voyeurism was strangely enough taboo in their marriage for the most part. Rodney had no interest in watching anyone but Tabitha couldn't help it. Wouldn't it. The thought of watching people fuck like no one was watching while someone was actually watching excited her. The fact that it was actually happening in front of her almost pushed her over the edge.

And they hadn't saw her. So busy the Asian girl now as in the backseat with her sub that they hadn't looked up. Silver's face was twisted in delicious agony caught between an ugly snarl and a beatific sigh.

Tabitha's pussy was swollen. Her clit was large enough already but between the piercing, wetness, and the friction of her stockings, it was almost too much. Her juices were dripping down her thighs, soaking through the material. If she didn't know better, she might've thought she'd peed herself but no. When she rubbed her chi chi it was running like a faucet. Slobbering to be filled.

She had to get away. Watching them through the lengthening shadows of the evening was too much for her. Tabitha didn't need to masturbate now. She had to fuck.

Walking fast made her thighs rub together. She had to stop once or twice just so the sensation didn't send her over the edge. Even the feather touch of the wind seemed like a lover's fingers on her skin.

Tabitha fumbled with Rodney's keys, almost dropping them in the dark before clumsily finding the keyhole. She cursed remembering that she had the clicker to open it automatically.

Rodney. She checked her I-Phone. It wasn't too late.

Silver. The Asian girl. The Latina. Fucking like rabbits as a stranger masturbated in the shadows. Tabitha was forcing herself to breathe. She couldn't trust herself to start the car until she knew she could. When she did, she tore out the parking lot hoping Rodney didn't notice how slick she had the seat.


Rodney was in his easy chair. His five foot eight muscular frame seemed relaxed under an ash gray dress shirt and dark slacks. He wore no shoes because no one wore them in the three bedroom ranch style house. His beard was freshly trimmed. His ceasar cut resembled the black waves of an iron dark sea. Red suspenders with a red bow tie to match.

Tabitha tried not to meet his eyes but she could feel him watching.

He had his pocket watch out as if to show her why he was displeased. Its ticking wasn't loud but it was there. She heard it. Remembered the training. The correction and the discipline that facilitated it.

She hurried to their bedroom. Tabitha tried not to smile.

It was coming. The storm was on it's way. She was putting her shoes away as a pretense. There wasn't much else she'd have time to do. Her heart was hammering in her chest.

The door to the bedroom closed. Tabitha had left it open on purpose.

She could hear the unbuckling of his belt before she got out of the closet. He wanted to use her because he was disappointed and angry. Her being not as early had unnerved him.

Tabitha wanted him to command her. To say knees in that deep voice of his so that she could feel how much he wanted it but he shouldn't have to; he had trained her better than that.

He grabbed a handful of her hair, his heavy erection slapping her in the face before he forced himself down her throat. Rodney didn't give her time to get a rhythm. He was using her mouth however he pleased. It poked her jaw, made her gag as it stabbed her throat. When she tried to pull away, he slapped her lightly on the face, guiding her back to him as her slobber dripped down his shaft.

"You little slut." He said between clenched teeth. "You know I gotta tie you up and make you presentable. You know that shit." His dick went down her throat unexpectedly. She breathed through her nose but he was literally fucking her face. She tried to pull away but his grip held her in place. "No bitch. Don't you dare turn your head from me. Give me your fucking throat. You owe it to me. Say you don't you bitch. Say it." Tabitha couldn't. Not with his cock down her gullet. Not when tears were in her eyes. Not when she was so impossibly wet. And he knew this too. Demanded that he show him.

"You brat." He sucked her fingers clean. "Did you cum?"

"No sir."

"You better not have." He yanked her up to her feet by her arm, dragging her to the bed though Tabitha dared not struggled. "Your orgasm is mine Tabitha. Repeat."

"My orgasm is yours."

"Yours what?"

"Yours sir."

He pushed on the bed. Tabitha was on her back for all of five seconds before Rodney was on top of her, cock painfully hard, bobbing angrily. Like her, He hadn't come either. The edging was mutual. "Don't you fucking smile bitch." He growled. "You can't smile with a dick in your mouth."

Again, she was being face fucked. He was holding her arms down, using his weight so that she couldn't move as he straddled her head. She could see the agony his eyes. Rodney literally had to slow down as they went wild in his head.

All it would take was a lick and he'd spew in her mouth. All on her face. He'd be like a balloon, slowing deflating as she literally sucked the will out of him. It was so easy and Rodney must have knew this as he pulled out of her mouth, holding the tip of his penis to halt his orgasm.The look he gave her was feverish.

"You think that's it for you little bitch?" He went between her legs. He flicked her clit ring. Tabitha yelped despite herself. "You think I didn't see that smile? Huh?" He slapped her across the face again before his large hand clasped her throat. "Answer me."

"Yes sir." She took a breath as he began tearing a hole in the middle of her stockings. Ripping up clothing always made her horny. He watched her as he did it.

"Don't you cum. You don't get to yet." He pulled her to the edge of the bed, making the hole bigger before shoving his full length into her. Tabitha gasped, her eyes squeezing shut as she tried to let the shiver not turn into an orgasm. Rodney wasn't any better. His member twitched inside of her. Tabitha could feel his pulse through his dick.

The storm was coming but not yet. "What's the matter Tabitha? You didn't come did you?" She could sense the small tremor in his voice. It was a Mexican stand off. Both of them dared not to move.

"No sir."

"Good girl." He knew what that did to her. It was like a switch in her brain that was connected to her chi chi. Pavlovian in the fact that it made her salivate. "You're so fucking wet. I'm not gonna change this comforter when Hiroshi comes over with Ai." He sighed in pleasure, breathing and pacing himself as he plowed her pussy slowly. All the way in and out, stretching only so much. A promise of things to come. "I want them to see that spot you tall chocolate bitch." He groaned. She felt the basso in her stomach it was so deep. Tabitha was sighing, biting her lip and hoping the pain would distract her. "Yes! You're such a well trained slut. Look at your face." He growled, slamming himself into her soaking mound, surprising her. Her toes curled. Rodney twisted her right nipple. The pain made her flop like a fish.

She felt so weak. Tabitha was gulping breath, Her orgasm was just a wrong movement away. It was awful. She had been falling forever and yet to hit the ground. Her body was aflame.

Rodney pulled out of her, the sound like a sloppy kiss. She was too tall to sit up and suck his cock on the bed so automatically she was on her knees again like the well trained sub she was. Tabitha literally slid across the spot in question not failing to notice her thighs were just as moist.

His dick looked like it was covered in melted sugar from tip to testicles. It was all her and she knew it. "Clean it." His voice was husky. Rodney was breathing like a bull. "And don't you dare steal it from me. You'll take my seed when I say you will. Understand?"

"Yes sir."


She licked the length of his dick, daring to look up at him. Even in the dim light of the lamp, she could see how his eyes were squeezed shut. He looked so much like Silver when he was in the Jeep.

Tabitha massaged his balls. His scrotum was tight. Rodney was ready to blow. His shotgun could Hemingway her at any time. But no, she wanted to torture him. Show him that she could be a good girl even when she was doing bad.

Rodney moaned but said nothing, only running his thick fingers through her fro before they trailed down the back of her neck. She took him in his mouth in one smooth motion. He grunted forcing her to stay on it longer than she wanted to.

He pulled away from her almost losing his balance. Tabitha kept her head down as if she didn't notice.

"Good girl..." He was breathing hard as he fumbled with his belt. "Now go clean yourself up."


Hiroshi said he was filming something in the drive way by text. It gave Rodney time to make some last minute adjustments to her like making sure her ball gag was secure and that she was comfortable being on her knees.

Just as she had been told, Tabitha had taken a shower. Overly sensitized as she was, it should have been cold but she needed the extra heat to make sure she was scoured clean. Her nipples were still hard. The water running over sex was enough to make her turn away with a shudder.

Then Rodney had been tender. He was there with a towel drying her off. From head to toe. His silence was almost reverent. He rubbed her down with lotion, massaging her arms, back and legs making her wet again. She stood still enough to notice the steam leaving the bathroom and to see the intensity in his eyes. She loved the attention.

He picked out what she would wear already. Panties and a matching bra. Victoria's Secret. Black lace. She would be wearing stockings that came up to her waist.

After he tied her up with white hemp rope, special order of course. It was in the Japanese style. The rope crisscrossed her belly and around her breasts and inner thighs ultimately binding her wrists and arms behind her back. Rodney checked to see how tight he was binding her, careful and patient with every twist and loop. She felt more like he was tying her up with art. The tension of the rope always made her helpless in a pleasant way.

"I'll be timing you." He said before he put the ball gag in her mouth. Rodney showed her the remote. It was purple with four pink buttons for the intensity with one large button at the top. It was a little larger than a lighter fitting into his hand so that a quicker eye wouldn't see it. To demonstrate, he showed his other hand with the pocket watch. Tabitha watched the hands until it went to the next minute.

He clicked the button.Tabitha was breathing through her nose to keep her composure. She had been trained. She could do this.

Hiroshi was a little shorter than Rodney which she supposed is why that had gotten along so famously in high school. With his shaved head and open smiling face, one could easily mistake him for a monk somewhere if not for the shades he wore indoors all the time. Unlike Rodney, he was more business casual; his red striped shirt was a button up with no tie. He wore slacks with matching red Chuck Taylors. He smiled and greeted Rodney like the old friend he was. They talked about the gym for Roshi needed a place to workout while he was over this way.

Three minutes had passed Tabitha knew because Rodney clicked the remote.

Tabitha tried not to sag from relief but that had been close. Though they had been practicing for weeks, she almost gave in. Eyes fluttering, she saw Ai for the first time.

She was easily six foot which confirmed that Roshi and Rodney both shared an Amazon fetish. She was in a two piece business suit of navy blue with short dark brown hair cut bowl shaped. It framed her round face in a way that made her look innocent. She was biting her lip, shifting her weight from side to side in her stocking covered feet, her eyes squeezed shut.

Tabitha knew that look. "Had to do some on the spot filming in the car." Hiroshi said casually. There was a small crack, the telltale sign of leather against skin followed by Ai yelping. "Come on now. No dawdling. Put all that away. Don't just sit there with it."

She heard it again. Tabitha spied the little riding crop in Hiroshi's hand this time. Ai melted away from their conversation. Rodney clicked the button again.

"She's nice." Rodney remarked. Tabitha tried not to rock back and forth. He set the level higher. She barely got through the last three minutes. "The riding crop works for you?"

"Oh tons man. I mean, like we always say, discipline is not abuse. I can hit Ai all day with this and if I don't get to crazy it isn't bad enough to leave anything permanent." She groaned against the ball gag. Wetness was pooling between her thighs. The vibration seemed to come from everywhere. The prototype was doing better than he hoped. She heard Ai yelp again. Hiroshi was demonstrating his technique. He was hitting her on the backs of her thighs as she put vinyl bags full of video equipment away. Ai had big thighs with welts from previous sessions.

Rodney turned around with a smile before clicking the remote. Hiroshi noticed her. "Is that Tabby?"

"It is." Hiroshi walked over with Rodney in tow. He had seen her before at parties and at a restaurant once or twice but this was his first time seeing her like this.

She saw Hiroshi's erection. The myths seemed to have exceptions. "Look how you tied her up Rod!" He gasped as he circled around her. "Is that hemp rope my man?"

"It. Is." Rodney was smiling from ear to ear. If she could smile with the gag in her mouth, Tabitha would have.

"And white rope over black lingerie and stockings. Perfect contrast in color and skin tone." Roshi shook his head from side to side with a smile. "Fuck you Rod." Rodney burst out laughing with Roshi as he clicked the remote. A higher setting than last time.

"What?" Tabitha couldn't help but twist now. Roshi was staring at her with naked fascination. Ai hovered behind him observing her as well even as she squirmed herself.

"The fuck are you doing to her?" Tabitha could feel her nipples press against her bra. The pierced one was unbearable. The rope seemed to make her torture worse. Pulling against just added another sensation that could send her over the edge.

Rodney clicked the remote. Two minutes this time. He tipped her and Tabitha fell on her side. Sweat beaded on her forehead. Her vision swam as the almost orgasm danced up her spine. He pulled down her stockings. "This is what I'm doing to her."

The toy was egg shaped. Purple with a ribbon of pink around the rounder end. Like Rodney's cock it was covered in her juices. He held it to the light so all could see it. "I call it the Vegg." He announced proudly. "Wireless for public use. One battery for the remote. The other for the egg. Smooth gel outer coating. Different skins in case you want it ribbed or bumpy. Water proof. Lube friendly."

"That is impressive." Roshi said honestly then smiled. "Can Ai clean it?" Rodney nodded and he handed the messy toy to Roshi who held it up to Ai's face.

She lapped at it like it was ice cream, moaning at it's sweetness. Her put it her mouth as she slurped every last bit of it up. "How good was it?" Roshi asked.

"So sweet. Mmmmm." She groaned and shook. "I want more."

"Sorry pet but Rodney doesn't like to share." He pouted comically casting a glance at Tabitha. "Though I wished he did. That kitty looks tasty."

"You know she's mine Roshi." Rodney laughed but its undercurrent was a bit tense. He took the Vegg, placing it where it once before, nestled under her clit with her stockings holding it in place. Tabitha liked that he could be jealous. "I wouldn't ask you for Ai."

"I know, I know." Roshi was nonplussed. "Ai. Footstool." Ai got on her knees as he took a recliner opposite Rodney. He propped his socked feet up on the small of her back, digging his heels into her. Tabitha didn't fail to notice how Ai sighed in ecstasy. She was definitely a masochist. "You've just trained her so damn well man! Can you really blame me?"

Rodney shrugged with a smile. "I suppose not."

"Just like your Pokemon cards in high school. So damn possessive!" He pulled up Ai's skirt revealing her ass with similar angry welts to match the ones on her thighs. He snatched down her pantyhose and pulled out a vibrator from inside of her. That explained the writhing.

She didn't think someone could be as wet as her. Roshi clicked it off, inspecting it with academic scrutiny. "I just use Ai. However I want. You're always so structured. I like stuff on the fly." He dug his foot into Ai one good time before springing to his feet. He bent in front of Ai pushing the toy down her throat. Ai didn't gag, letting the toy go into her mouth without effort.

Rodney clicked on the Vegg. "I've never had Ai use a safe word once."

"Neither for Tabitha." In and out the blue toy went. Ai mewled, her tongue peeking out ever so often.

"And she's pierced." Roshi said in a faraway voice. His hand was in Ai's blouse. It was if Tabitha could feel Roshi cup and squeeze her breasts. "Both nips. Clit. And tongue."

"Tabitha takes her tongue ring out for school but I don't want both her nipples pierced. One needs to be exclusively for pain."

"Exclusively you say?" He slapped Ai hard on her back side. It echoed through the house startling Tabitha...

....And that's all it took. Tabitha shook like she was having a seizure. It was too sudden that ass slap. Too unexpected for her not to see Ai's tall frame quake with joy. She shouldn't have squeezed her thighs together but the Vegg was on four. She was screaming against the gag. Stars were bursting behind her eyes as tears streamed down her cheeks. She would be thrashing on the floor if the rope hadn't been so tight about her, biting into skin as she railed against it.

It seemed like forever and brief. She caught snatches of their faces as they watched. Roshi was in awe. Rodney was trying to look disappointed but he was too pleased with himself to fake it.

"You little whore." He used the rope across her chest to pull her to her knees. "You just couldn't wait." He unstrapped the gag before unzipping his pants.

"Punishment Rod?"

"Punishment Roshi." He grabbed her buy her mini-fro again. "Been edging her for three days and in one minute thirty-seven seconds it's all gone down the drain." Rodney slapped her in the face with his erection. She noticed the precum at the tip. "Good sub indeed. She can be such a brat sometimes. Pardon me for a second."

"By all means." Roshi said with a chuckle. Rodney began face fucking her again, slow and deep just like Roshi had done his sub.

Was he trying to show off? Did he want Roshi to know that she gave head just as good as Ai if not better?

Saliva was dripping out of her mouth. Tabitha relaxed in his grip. He steadied her more than anything, pushing his hips in languorously as he took advantage of her. "Little whore." He whispered. "You liked cumming didn't you? Yes you did. Don't fucking lie. You couldn't help yourself you greedy bitch." She caught Ai in her peripheral licking her lips, trying her best to concentrate as Roshi busied himself slapping her thighs his crop. Rodney was putting on a show for them and enjoying every moment almost losing himself before shrinking away from her.

Slobber dripped down her chin. "Not yet little bitch. I'm saving that for show time."


Roshi and Ai turned there bedroom in a make shift studio moving in sync in a way that could only have come from experience. There was lighting and cords snaking about the floor. A tripod was set up for the main camera while Roshi had a handheld for individual shots and close ups. He had a laptop to view his podcast-slash-video on his site Roshi's Island along with one connected to their flat screen television.

She could see herself on the LCD. Tabitha was already soaked through her hose. Rodney had untied her only to strap her ankles and wrists to a black aluminum bar under her. It kept her ass in the air and her face in the pillow and didn't let her do much else.

"And our faces aren't going to be shown?" She heard Rodney ask from somewhere behind her.

"Rod. We go too far back for that." Roshi sounded like he was on her right maybe. "If you want masks, hey, I got 'em but honestly I'm only rolling with a static shot here. I got this one, " He paused to show Rodney the camera maybe? "for close-ups and all that and you're only fucking her one way. The action is pretty centered. Worse comes to worse, if I find something during editing, I'll blur it but honestly bro, don't sweat it."

"Ir's going to stream live though-"

"Yup. I'm thinking maybe fifteen minutes at the most. Thirty if you're feeling like putting on a show but you and I know both know this is about the toy." He chuckled. She thought she heard him pat him on the back. "Relax! Neither camera is going above your waists. Ai? Are we good?"

"Yes boss. Everything is set up we're ready to stream in five."

"Excellent! Rod do you what this is? What this could be?" He paused again before letting Rodney answer. "The first of its fucking kind bro! This is damn near an infomercial for a sex toy, your sex toy on my porn site! Sure they've got company sponsored crap but live? Where people can see how to use the damn thing?! Tell me you're not backing out of this man."

"Oh Hell no." Rodney had gotten his confidence back. "We've gone too far to turn back now. I like being an IT alright but this is the dream."

"Damn right. Ai! We're a go. Rod take your place." Tabitha felt Rodney climb up on the bed. She could see him as her head was turned towards the television. He was nude save for a pair of dress socks, straddling her as he jerked off in preparation.

"I'm gonna fuck you with no mercy." She could see him stiffening up again, the veins like rivers. "I'm gonna enjoy filling up your pussy with my seed and fucking you still." He took a shaky breath. "No pauses you chocolate bitch. No. You want this. You want to cum like a wanton harlot and you want everyone to see."

"Yes." She whispered. The thought thrilled her more than she bargained for. People were going to watch her be fucked. They'd be getting off on her as she got off. They'd never know who she was. She could pass the pervert on the street and they'd never know.

But she would. She'd know they blew their load to her. That fingers had probed pussies wishing they were her. "You're so ready." He tore a hole in these stockings as well but not so wide. The Vegg would still hold in place. "Dripping wet slit. You're hungry for this aren't you?"

"Yes sir." He slapped her ass hard. The pain made her jerk against the bar.

"Alright." Ai said in a booming voice. "We're live in 3,2, 1...."

"Hey, hey, hey pervs and pervettes! It's your Uncle Roshi again and you're on Roshi's Island streaming live with the best smut the net has to offer!

"Now usually I just have any one of our amateur models or my main cum bucket Ai on here streaming live, on shoot, for that authentic semi-pro wank material you've all come accustom to but this time, and I hope many times after, we've got product placement!"

Tabitha saw Roshi on the screen. He changed out of his striped shirt for a yellow and blue Hawaiian one, opened to reveal his muscled torso. "This, is the future. I introduce," With a flourish he produced the toy in front of the camera, ooohhhing and aaahhhing for dramatic effect. "the Vegg. And no, that's not like veg as in the vegetable I was fucking Ai with the other week. This is Vehg like in vibrating egg. Wireless, water proof, lube friendly, with different skins for different sins!

"And yes folks, we will be using it today because Uncle Roshi's not endorsing a toy someone couldn't get their rocks off on! Uh uh! Not this smut peddler!" He gave the toy reverently to Rodney. "And what's more is the inventor has given his blessing for it to be used on this podcast. Why? Because he knows the right degenerates will see his genius! And now without further delay...The Vegg."

Rodney slipped the Vegg into her stockings. It whirred to life. "Don't hold back." He whispered. "Show time."

"Yes sir!" Her body began to shake. Rodney entered her rough, filling her until his balls slapped against the toy. She came immediately, crying out without having to pace herself.

"Oh my God!" She wailed. "It's so deep. Oh God it's so deep Jesus!" He was slamming into her hard enough to make the headboard hit the wall. He saw the shot zoom in on her pussy. She was creaming and squirting like a busted fire hydrant. Tabitha pulled against the bar. The leather manacles bit into her wrists and ankles as she shook and twisted.

"So many hits..." Roshi said looking at his laptop. "And they're actually asking about the Vegg..."

"Her pussy is so fucking beautiful." Ai was breathing heavy. "I wanna taste her so bad Roshi. I can't even stand it! And she's squirts so good."

"Yeah she does." Sweat from Rodney's brow splashed on her back. He was growling and slapping her ass. Tabitha was hopping from one orgasm to the next, riding them like waves as she her husband fucked her like a whore. "Been saving that cum haven't you bitch? Answer me."

"Yes-" She could feel him in her stomach. "-sir-Oh God!" It was hurting so good now.

"Suck me off while I film this." She heard Roshi say. "No wonder she needed that bar! Look how she's shaking!" She wished she could have seen it but everything was stars again. Tabitha couldn't tell where they ended now as Rodney plunged her like a piston.

Then he roared, Rodney did and Tabitha could feel him pump into her even as he continued to stroke her insides. He was pouring, shaking and grunting and moaning....

...And Tabitha simply couldn't go on anymore. The last thing she saw before she passed out was Rodney's cum leaking out of her and onto the Vegg.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Quickies: Velma, Shaggy, and Daphne 3

"Is this a date? I think it's a date. That settles is."

"Red light on that. This is lunch at Subway. We are on our lunch break." Silver tried not to yell so much but the din of people taking advantage of the two dollar meal special didn't leave him much choice. Going with her was a bad idea for many reasons.

"Why so serious?" Boadicea laughed, her wild afro mane swishing. It was genuine and hearty like they were two best friends catching up. She casually slapped his arm. Silver ignored her finger nails trailing on his skin. "I'm buying lunch on our date. The least yuh can do is look halfway happy about it."

"I don't turn down free food if I can help it." Though he wished he could. It would be enough if they could be in and out so this exchange could be over. Boadicea insisted on staying to eat just as she insisted that he join her. His meatball remained unwrapped. He couldn't be ungrateful and leave yet somehow not eating the sandwich made him feel he could if he decided to. It unnerved him to be willfully rude.

"As if I would let you.", she said. As if answering his unspoken thought, she slid his sandwich closer. He didn't want to like her for being aggressive and he definitely didn't want to like her for being smart. He hadn't really been with another woman since Suzy. It was easy to keep his eye from wondering with his side projects keeping him distracted. Nino wasn't available to occupy time at work and meat department was fairly isolated.

But then Boadicea started working with him. At six foot and two hundred plus pounds, she easily held her own in the cooler. He actually had help unloading the truck for once. His back wasn't complaining for it either. Conversation with her was fairly easy. Too much so in his opinion. He always felt like a mouse being watched by a lioness around her. It wasn't a bad feeling being observed by such a woman. She wasn't beautiful in the magazine sense. Her eyebrows reminded her of Chaika the Coffin Princess. Thicker than normal but somehow cute. Her cheekbones were high on a broad face emphasizing the slant of her eyes with full lips.

And she was doing all but unzipping his fly for him to get the hint. Silver just wasn't biting. He pushed the sandwich back smiling. "You're gonna catch hell from Neil Door pulling a stunt like this. He's anal enough for it."

She snorted. "Fuck Neil Door. We ahead back there ya know?" Silver nodded. It was like talking to his mother sometimes with her which made the attraction that more awkward. "What he care if I take mi lunch with two hours left?"

"He's Neil Door and he's on grocery side where he ought not be. He's looking to make an example out of anybody."

"But we left it perfect!"

It was his turn to snort then. He added an eyeroll just to be sure. "Nothing and I mean nothing, is perfect enough for Neil-fuckin'-Door. Don't you ever let yourself believe that." He sighed as more people had come in. More noise. There was a interracial couple with a train of youngsters pointing and yelling about what they wanted on their meatball subs. There was also an Asian girl braying like an ass with a red head about-


"I'd like to."


"I didn't say nothin'!" Whatever she said must not have been for his ears. Boadicea seemed to blush a bit. She cleaned her hands on a napkin avoiding his eyes. "And what ya sayin' fuck for anyway?"

There was no way to avoid whatever was going to happen. Silver still wasn't sure what that could be. He knew they had been talking. To what end he thought he knew. At least he figured he had an inkling.

But there was no mistaking Suzy's hand being in Rosalina's pocket. He didn't know what to make of it except what it clearly was. They had been fucking. Suzy was fucking Rosalina. The Rosalina that he loved was being fucked by the woman he had always loved.

His heart was racing. Silver could feel his blood pulse in ears. The erection he had was terribly inconvenient. "Rosa? What ya doin' here? Ya ain't workin'?" Boadicea slapped him on the arm. He barely felt it. Seeing the utter surprise on Rosa's face had numbed him. Her mouth opened to form words that her mind forgot mid-sentence. She looked from Boadicea to him and back again.

Boadicea didn't fail to notice that nor Suzy. "You're out with a friend?"

"I guess you could call us that." Suzy giggled like the cat that caught the canary. She was in jeans and flip flops with a faded red shirt with a barely visible Autobots symbol on the front. She had her blocky Aviators on. Her wilder than normal hair was a definite give away of her recently being bedded. "That keep things simpler."

"Well I don't like simple." Boadicea was smiling. She didn't intend to back down. "Be as complicated as ya please."

The challenge was clear. Suzy swaggered up to their table and Boadicea was practically showing her fangs. "If you must know-"


"Silver?" She turned to him as if she had just noticed him. "Fancy running into you here."

"Very." He replied. "Can we talk?"

"All three of us?"

"Which three?" Boadicea cut in. The dance seemed a bit crowded. Rosalina seemed to be clutching the bag of sandwiches like a life boat. Her being high while this was happening could not have helped. They both didn't want their dirty laundry exposed to Wally's World. Enough of it had already.

"Suzy." Suzy introduced herself as one would to an opponent. "And you are?"

"Boadicea." No one missed the extra bass in her voice. The thrum was enough for onlookers to feel the tension. "I'm a friend of Silver's."

"Ah. I see." Suzy licked her lips. Her half-smile was mocking. "Well the three of us are a bit more than that." Rosalina smiled though being properly chagrined. Silver seethed. Suzy was playing around as always, not caring about who she might mess up in the process. "Are you taking your sandwich Silver?"

"Take it Silver." Boadicea volunteered. "You'll need to finish your meal. A snack won't do."

Just that quick, an already strange situation turned worse. Silver took the sub and tried to ignore the two holes Boadicea was burning in his back.


They gpt into Susie's Jeep without a word, Rosalina climbed into the passenger side. She hopped in after pulling herself up with the door. She knew that the step was missing.

She had been in the Jeep many times.

Doing what? he wondered. He tried not to. Silver wanted to hate the thought of them together. It reminded him of what Nino had done. It wasn't though. He was aware this was on the table. He just fooled himself into not seeing the reality of it. This was Susan Cho he was dealing with.

"Look at him with that lost puppy look on his face." Suzy laughed. The pulled out on Thomas Parkway to avoid the traffic of the lot. Suzy's hair seemed to float as the wind blew through it. "Isn't he cute?"

Rosalina's eyes met his in the mirror, apologies unsaid in them. Suzy parked by the garden center, away from any other vehicles under the shade of some palms and old oak. Privacy he surmised.

She killed the engine. Lowered the volume on the metal then goes for her sub. "Go ahead Silver. Don't keep Pet nervous. Let's get it over with."

"Pet?" He doesn't like that he might like where this might lead. "She's your sub?"

The delight in her laugh is obvious. It rankled him. Rosalina's silence speaks volumes. "Would you look at that? Got it on the first try didn't he Pet?

"Yes sir."

Silver fumbled for his phone to distract himself. Yes sir. Why was his heart beating so fast? She did this on purpose. She did it to make a statement. Was this what Suzy desired? Control? Had he planted this in her head with her collar? "Would you like your dick sucked?" Suzy asked.

"What?" He was already hard. His cock seemed too interested in the suggestion, pulsating in response.

"I said, would you like my Pet to suck your cock because I know it's hard. I added that last part. Plus," There was a sharp intake of breath. He heard a buzzing noise. "I wanna see her do it."

He looked around the lot. Tire, Lube and Battery closed around six. There were cars that occasionally came through this way to get to the back of the store along with the occasional delivery truck. It was not dark but the day was waning. The horizon blurring from gold to purple. The only other car was a lone, rust colored Oldsmobile in the corner.

Silver was going to say yes. He knew Suzy already divined his decision before she asked. He didn't like being manipulated so easily but damn her, she was the only one that really could. Rosalina was opening the passenger side door, slipping in as unobtrusively as possible, the only sound she made was the squeaking of the leather.

Then she closed the door. Her eyes were downcast and her pink lips parted slightly. Suzy had turned her out. How he did not know but it was thorough. She would not meet his eyes. She did not move until the light began to dim.

"Kiss her." Suzy breathed. "I wanna see." Silver wanted to disobey her but pale, ginger Rosalina called to him. It should have been awkward, them being bade to lock lips as they were for someone's amusement. Yet grabbing her hair, making her bend backwards so that he could lower his mouth onto hers couldn't have felt more natural.

He felt as if she'd break in his arms the way she shook. Their lips brushed before her tongue darted out her mouth. Rosalina couldn't hold back. He sucked her bottom lip just like she liked, nibbling it just enough before his tongue was back in her mouth. Suzy was moaning, the wand vibrating louder with the higher setting. She didn't know how much she missed him in that moment. His touch was gentle and demanding.

"Yes, like that Silver." Suzy groaned. "Suck those pink nipples. Ummmm. Don't fuckin' hold back." He was under her shirt now. She was glad she hadn't worn a bra. Silver squeezed her C cups, slurping them until they pebbled. "Here take this. Zip your pants down Pet. Give him access."

Now the mini-wand joined the dance. Rosalina was supposed to be sucking him off she remembered somewhere in the back of her mind. Somebody should be playing look out too.

The wand was resting outside on her panties. She was wet. So damn wet. And squirming in Silver's grasp as he sucked her nipples. She couldn't take it. "S-sir I'm about to cum." she murmured.

"Silver stop."  He looked as if he'd just woken up. Suzy was breathing as hard as Rosalina, if not more so. Remembering where he was, he scanned the lot. The sky was indigo black. The Oldsmobile was where it was. "Deny her. Let her cum with your cock in her mouth."

He was going to say something but it died on his tongue. Rosalina was repositioning herself so that her face was in his lap and her ass was in the air. Her jeans were half way down along with her black thong. She was creamy. He could see the evidence on them. "Fuck this is so hot." Suzy said to no one in particular. "Take it out. Spit on it. No. More fuckin' spit Pet. Yes. Like that. Stroke it before you suck it."

Suzy was straddling the middle console not giving a damn who saw her. She couldn't let them fuck. Not yet but how she wanted to! Rosa was stroking him from base to tip, the spit coating her hands as much as his cock. She knew Silver was watching her watching them. He grabbed a handful of her hair suddenly, kissing her deep enough that she could taste the Big Red that Rosa chewed.

When he let her go, his hand was under her shirt, twisting her nipple. It sent a wave of pleasure through her that almost made her cum. "Fuck." She hissed. "Let me taste her pussy."

Rosalina was still squeezing and stroking him almost reverently as his fingers pushed into the juicy folds of her pussy. She tightened up as his fingers found her spot and he couldn't resist rubbing it. Rosalina started to whimper before he pulled them out of her. Her milky wetness made a string between his knobby fingers before Suzy took them in her mouth, groaning with pleasure. "That's a good Pet. So fucking sweet. Now suck him."

She said something close to a "yes" when he was already in her mouth. She was greedy, trying to take as much she could in as if Suzy would take his cock away from her. Silver moaned deep in his chest as he dragged the wand up and down her dripping slit. She didn't have to look up to know that Suzy was masturbating nor did she wonder at Silver's muffled grunts. Suzy was kissing him every way she saw fit.

"My Pet is good isn't she?" Another growl from Silver. He was so hard in her mouth. Solid as any piece of flesh could be. "Lick up the sides Pet and don't forget to massage those balls." Rosalina obeyed as if she had already made up her mind to do those things. She was making a beautiful mess. He was dripping with slobber right down to his scrotum. "There you go. Oh god that's fucking hot. Shit. I can't even take it anymore."

Suzy got on the driver's side, squeezing Silver's lanky six foot plus frame between her and Rosa's. Luckily they were both short. Rosa was still in position albeit a little more scrunched up. She slammed the door then bent over Silver's lap as best she could. "Make her come while she sucks you but I want you to cum in my mouth." She was taking over where Rosa left off with her tongue. "You get to cum Pet but his nut is mine. You don't get that yet."

Silver groaned something unintelligible for he didn't have enough blood in his brain at the moment to do otherwise. It felt too good. He was going to explode but not before making Rosalina orgasm. They worked like a team of specialists. Rosalina slurped and sucked around the tip of his dick, her head bobbing and twisting as more saliva dripped down his length. Suzy was taking her time licking and kneading his balls, kissing them where she pleased.

He busied himself with Rosalina's cunt. There were three fingers inside her now. The wand he rubbed around her labia and clit. She was like a faucet. He could feel her juices run down the toy. Her pussy was clamping around his fingers, her hips rolling as he started finger fucking her in earnest. She was too distracted to even suck him with a rhythm.

"Are you about to cum Pet?" Suzy said as she licked his balls. Sivler could feel her splash on his fingers.

"Yes sir." Her pussy was swollen. Silver's three fingers had her queefing wetly with the toy buzzing like an angry hornet.

"You have my permission." She started to wiggle her hips in rhythm with his fingers just as Suzy pushed her head down on his dick. They were both caught off guard but Rosaina nor him stopped. "Suck him as you cum slut. Yeah. That's right you little whore. Work for that nut." Rosalina obeyed, shaking and convulsing as she moaned sucking him up. Suzy pushed him as deep into her mouth as he could go. "Breathe through your nose bitch. Uh huh. Just like we practiced."

She sucked and sucked until Silver couldn't take much more. Suzy had found a way to give back his punishment, twisting his nipple through his shirt. His eyes squeezed shut. It felt like he was in freefall until Suzy started to jack him off.

"All over your face Pet. Don't lick any of it. Fuck that's a lot of cum. Oh my fuckin' god. Shit." She squeezed him as he spurted. Silver couldn't stop. His eyes rolled in his head. His back arched. He tried to grip anything to keep him from floating away.

It was all over her face. His sperm. There was more of it than she had ever seen. Warm, hot, thick. She wanted to taste it but Sir wouldn't like that. No. She had to settle for her lapping it off her face and her neck. Silver sagged in exhaustion but he still watched as Suzy cleaned her carefully with her tongue. His dick was still in her hand and she was still stroking him.

And he was getting hard again even as a Toyota Corolla cranked up and drove off